About Us


Who We Are

We are a group of men and woman who enjoy the thrill of riding and socializing. We also gained  our NJ Non-Profit status in November 2017. We are made up of members in the Military, Firefighters, EMS and other Public Services. The Military, Veterans and Animal Shelters will be our main focus with many other support rides our members may suggest. We were formed October 9 2016 by two individuals who are passionate about their families and what they do for their community and enjoy the MC way of life. Walt Clerkin is the main drive behind this Riding Club; current President and Founder, and decided to form up after some persuading from his friends who helped convince him he could develop a better club with a more family favorable feel behind it. So, he and few friends who also share in his passion and ideas, decided to start a riding club that shows support for the men and woman of the military along with members in the Firefighting and EMS field who are also a part of their family. We welcome any and all questions, about our membership, events, and ways one can help us reach fundraising goals. 


The Logo

Meaning behind the Knightsfury Riders Logo

Knightsfury Riders Club itself is the idea of two men who like the idea of the MC culture however they just want to expand on the culture of Brotherhood and go towards a more family feel and to also show a much bigger representation to those who serve our country, be it in the Military or in Public Service fields. In doing this they enlisted the help of the Founder’s wife who assisted in the design of the logo and club name and helped give meaning to their cause. Each piece of the logo has a special meaning along with the color choices and they are explained herein to help others understand who we are and why we ride.

First, we explain the name Knightsfury itself comes from Knights who have become furious over the loss of their comrades in life and are looking to remember them with a fury of recognition. Whether it’s on the front-lines during wartime, at an accident scene on a major highway or during a major fire with multiple alarms. These brave souls work together through the toughest times and do it without complaining. And, if someone is lost in the battle they will band together and rally to support those left behind with their fury of protection for the family give the support that is needed.

The design of the logo has an interesting start as well when researching a design, we took great care in choosing an appropriate logo for our cause. Starting with the Shield colored in blue, blue was chosen to represent the Loyalty within the group and the shield is to show the protection of loyalty by shielding it. The Sword was chosen as a sign of the remembrance of the battle many have faced in life and a when combined with the shield it forms our protection of each other. The Red Cross taken from the “Knights Templar” shield and represents our military and their passion for the protection of our freedoms; this also represents the sacrifices these men and woman take on every day and the willingness to go above and beyond for all. Finally, the Gold helmet and Skull with the Red eye, this is the most important meaning the Gold was chosen for the meaning of generosity that we show for our families and community around us. The skull with the Red Eye is to show our passion and to show respect to those around us and share in our fury of ideas of Generosity towards others, Remembrance of those before us and Loyalty to the Family and Friends around us, thus making us the Knightsfury Riders.


Walt Clerkin President

Mike “Chief” Adams Vice President

Andrea “Raven” Clerkin Secretary